Oil filter wrench

A filter oil wrench is used to remove the oil filter from the engine. These wrenches are available in various designs and sizes, and some are adjustable to fit many filter sizes.
Two types are most often used in car workshops.
Belt-shaped wrenches fit filters of different sizes and are adjusted by tightening the belt.
Socket-shaped wrenches fit a certain type and size of the filter housing, but they require less space to work than a wrench with a belt.

Strap-type and socket-type oil filter wrench

Oil filter wrenches are only used to remove the filter, never to install it. The new filters are installed manually, which will be additionally tightened during engine warm-up and cooling. A wrench is used to remove the oil filter because more unscrewing force is required.

When using a strap-type wrench, slide the belt over the filter so that the inside of the wrench lever is turned counterclockwise. Adjust the belt opening about the filter housing and pull the lever in the unscrewing direction. If necessary, release the strap and move the key clockwise to repeat the unscrewing. When the filter is released, remove the key and unscrew the filter completely by hand.

With the socket-type wrench, place the socket on the bottom of the housing, adjust the ratchet handle and place it on the socket. Turn the lever counterclockwise to unscrew the filter. When the housing loosens, remove the insert and unscrew the filter by hand completely.

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