Engine air filter check

The air filter is the first element of the intake and prevents impurities from entering the engine cylinders. Dust and sand can seriously damage and significantly shorten the engine life. That’s why all the intake air passes through the filter before entering the intake manifold and the engine.

During exploitation, the filter retains impurities and reduces the airflow. Restricted flow through the filter can affect the operation of the injection system, causing increased fuel consumption, poor engine performance and high exhaust emissions.

The vehicle manufacturer prescribes the air filter replacement interval. However, this applies to normal driving conditions. Where there are dusty roads, the filter gets dirty sooner. That is why a periodic check of the filter condition is performed before the replacement interval expires. The inspection determines whether there is dirt or clogging on the filter. The best way to do this is to remove the filter from the housing and point it at a bright light source. When little or no light passes through the filter, replace the air filter. Dirt from the filter is not removed by shaking or blowing because, after installation, loose dirt gets into the engine.

You can see the procedure for replacing the engine air filter at the following link.

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