Steering pump pulley replacement

When the steering pump is replaced, the pulley is removed from the old one and mounted on the new pump. Also, when the grooves of the pulley are worn, cracks appear, or the pump shaft is loose, the steering pump pulley needs to be replaced.

Steering pump pulley

Steering pump pulleys are installed on the shaft differently than other pulleys. They are mounted by pressing because the diameter of the shaft is slightly larger than the diameter of the pulley opening. The pulley will have to be pulled off the power steering pump shaft with a special puller. Some pulleys are made of plastic and present an additional challenge, especially if they have become brittle. Since there are many different servos and pulleys, always consult the manufacturer’s service manual before removal.

Tool for replacing the power steering pump pulley

Never strike the drive shaft when removing and installing the pulley as this will damage the internal parts of the steering pump.

After removal, the pulley, nut, and pin are inspected for damage and wear. All worn parts are replaced.

To power steering pump pulley replacement, follow these steps:

Pulley removal

Place a suitable puller on the pulley according to the instructions. Use a suitable tool to block the rotation of the pulley. Tighten the middle bolt of the puller to remove the pulley from the servo pump shaft.

Inspection of the condition

Inspect the pulley grooves for wear and damage. Check the condition of the pulley for cracks and damage. Inspect the segment pin for wear and damage.

Assembly of the pulley

Place the pulley on the shaft of the steering pump. Place the elements of the pulley mounting tool. Block the rotation of the pulley with a suitable tool. Turn the tool screw to press the pulley onto the shaft all the way.

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