Cleaning the battery poles and terminals

Cleaning the poles and terminals of the battery should be done when they are dirty, corrosive, and greasy, as well as when deposits appear. Salt deposits and corrosion act as an insulator, reducing the flow of electricity to the vehicle’s electrical devices. Dirt deposits on the poles and terminals of the battery can cause difficulty starting because the starter does not receive enough electricity to start the engine.

Salt deposits around the terminal occur when the sealing around the post loosens, as a result of forceful removal of the clamp when it sticks or gets stuck. Cleaning is done with a solution of baking soda and water. The solution is applied over the deposits and thoroughly washed with a brush. After cleaning, the place is washed with water, and the battery is removed, wiped, and dried. Sealed surfaces are repaired with resin or a special glue based on plastic.

Lead on the poles and terminals of the battery oxidizes over time. Lead oxide is an insulator and can be identified by its dark gray or black color. The only effective way to remove it is with a special scraper for battery terminals and terminals or a wire brush, which removes the oxides and restores the lead to a bright silver color. Once the terminal is reinstalled and tightened, the terminals are coated with a battery oxidation inhibitor to slow down the oxidation process.

To clean the battery terminals and terminals, follow these steps:

Removal of salt deposits

Prepare a mixture of baking soda and lukewarm water. Lightly pour the mixture over the salt deposits. Thoroughly clean poles and terminals, and cover the battery with a brush. After cleaning, wash with water. Remove the battery from the vehicle, wipe and dry it. Renovate the sealing surfaces around the poles of the battery with resin or special glue.

Cleaning of corrosion from poles and terminals

Use a special brush with an external scraper to clean the corrosion on the terminals. Use a brush with an internal scraper to clean the poles of the battery. After installing the battery and connecting the terminals, apply a means to protect the lead parts from corrosion.

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