Circuit tester probe

The circuit tester probe is a multifunctional measuring and testing instrument for quick checking of the condition of the vehicle’s electrical networks. It is also used to test the correctness of some electrical components and devices

Circuit tester probe

The power of the test device is provided from the vehicle battery, by connecting directly to the battery or via the cigarette lighter connection. It can check the condition of the installation for an open, short circuit or voltage drop test. It is capable of measuring DC and AC voltage and showing the magnitude of the voltage or the signal of the AC signal of lower value. It has the functions of a test light because it determines the existence of voltage and polarity.

Checking the condition of the electrical installation or testing the function of an electrical component is done by conducting the power supply (plus or minus) by depressing the power switch.

In addition to voltage, the tester probe measures the resistance and condition of the diode.

The circuit tester probe has automatic protection against short circuits or overload so that it is safe during testing and locating faults on the vehicle’s electrical installations.

This test device is for measuring 12/24 V. It is not for recording signals whose pulses exceed the specified voltage.

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