Jewellery and other items

In the work environment, watches, rings, necklaces, dangling earrings and other jewellery present numerous hazards. They can get caught in rotating machinery, and since they are mostly made of metal, they can conduct electricity. Imagine leaning over a running engine with a dangling collar that could catch on the fan belt and pull you into the rotating parts. If the jewellery is not destroyed and torn off, it can seriously injure you.

A ring or watch can inadvertently short out an electrical circuit, heat up quickly and seriously burn you, or create a spark that could cause the battery to explode. The ring can also catch on moving parts, break the finger bone, or even tear the finger from the hand.

To be safe, always remove your watch, rings and jewellery before starting work. Not only is it safer to remove these items, but your valuables will not be damaged or lost.

Do not keep mobile phones, tools and other items in open pockets of work clothes as they may fall out and damage the vehicle or get stuck in rotating parts. Sharp objects can scratch the vehicle. It is best not to leave anything in the pockets and compartments of the work suit during work.

Jewellery and other items

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