Current clamp

Using a multimeter to measure current, it is necessary to disconnect the circuit, which is not always possible to report on the vehicle. Cables are bundled together, placed, and passed through the vehicle body. Current clamps are used to measure the current on the electrical network of the vehicle without interrupting the circuit.

Current clamps are in the form of a clamp that can encompass a wire where we want to measure the strength of the current flowing through that wire. These instruments use the principle of electromagnetic induction that is created around a wire by the flow of electric current. When the current clamps cover the conductor, the sensor induces voltage from the conductor under the action of a magnetic field. The magnitude of the induced voltage is proportional to the strength of the magnetic field, ie the strength of the electric current through the wire. By measuring the induced voltage, the multimeter displays the current through the wire. The current clamp is connected directly to the multimeter via input ports.

Current clamp

Today, current clamps are an integral part of the multimeter housing, which facilitates the handling and use of the multimeter for measuring current. It is enough to separate the wire from the bundle so that it can be grasped with clamps. When the clamps enclosing the wire are connected, the current can be directly measured and read on the multimeter display. Accurate current measurement with current clamps is possible if they include only one wire.

Digital clamp multimeter

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