Slip ring inspection

Slip ring inspection is always performed when disassembling the alternator or when there is a malfunction in the power supply system. As the rotor rotates, the brushes touch the slip rings, ensuring the transmission of electrical energy to the rotor windings. Sparking and graphite dust lead to the burning of the ring. Dirt and burnt surfaces of the rings interfere with the flow of electricity and the operation of the alternator.

The surface of the sliding rings must be smooth, clean, and without burn marks. If rings are dirty and greasy, clean them up with a soft cloth and degreasing agent. When there are visible traces of burning on the surface due to sparking, the surface of the rings should be sanded with fine sandpaper that does not leave deep scratches. If the traces of damage on the surface of the rings are deeper so that repair is not possible, it is necessary to replace the rotor.

Measuring the diameter of slip rings

Measuring the diameter of slip rings

During the operation of the alternator, the slip rings wear out. When the rings are worn out too much, the brushes barely touch the surface of the rings, which leads to instability in the operation of the alternator. The degree of wear is determined by measuring the outer diameter of the rings. When the diameter of the ring is below the minimum allowed value, the rotor is changed. The vernier caliper is used to measure the diameter of the ring, and the minimum diameter is read from the service manual for the alternator.

To inspect the alternator rotor slip rings, follow these steps:

Surface control

Perform a visual inspection of the condition of the surface of the sliding rings for dirt, grease, burning, and damage. Clean the greased surface with a suitable agent. In case of noticeable damage and burning, wipe the surface with a fine cloth and sand with fine sandpaper. In case of damage, replace the rotor.

Diameter measurement

Measure the diameter of the sliding rings with a vernier caliper. If the diameter is below the minimum allowable value, replace the rotor.

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